Privacy Policy

Information Collected  by the website and its representatives, solely intended for the purpose of enhancing user experience, information is collected and not for any other commercial purpose. Our website intends to collect the following set of info before we deliver our services,

Such as name of the user, email address and mailing address we collect personal details

We need the Credit or debit card information of the person for transactions

In order to render data relevant to the user, location details are sometimes collected

Email address usage

For sending additional promotional offers and a receipt for any current transactions, the website will require a valid email address from any client who uses our services.

Information storage

We collect, store and share the information with a third-party only after getting prior permissions from the user and moreover, to give a better experience to the users of our website we may use such info.

Information disclosure

To third parties, we may disclose your data, whom the website deems fit and also, for confirmation purposes, share it with your card issuing bank you, hence you hereby acknowledge to these facts.

Cookies usage

We will be unable to complete the services provided to the customers without certain details pertaining to the user which are stored by their cookies and therefore, we request our users to not block cookies from our website in that rectitude.

Third-party affiliates

Third party affiliates may publish their data on our website in the form of advertisements or banners and our website is not liable for any information published by them as it is up to the client to make use of their assistances.